You don't want to look fake, and I certainly don't want that for you.  That's why Penny Claire edits are clean, only retouching away what shouldn't be there.  Scroll through our before and after examples below and see for yourself!

zemba (387 of 693)-Edit-3.jpg
emmazemba (33).jpg
untitled (94 of 530)-Edit-2.jpg
Claire (10).jpg
Korynn (69 of 589)-Edit-2.jpg
Korynn (12).jpg
untitled (355 of 355)-Edit-2.jpg
Ava (45).jpg
Karli (20).jpg
Halle  (47).jpg
untitled (161 of 330)-Edit-2.jpg
untitled (161 of 330)-Edit.jpg
untitled (92 of 552)-Edit-2.jpg
A_Minton (10).jpg

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