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About this HUB

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS! If you are here, it means you made it and I am so excited for you!!!

As the big day approaches, I've put together this HUB in hopes that you will find something helpful within. In this HUB we'll cover the following.


Let's review when to send out your cards and just how soon to order to ensure you get them out in time.


Check out our new grad card ordering system designed to save you some much needed time.


Check out our signing boards, a perfect memento that can be hung on your wall right after your grad party!


Stuck on ideas?  I've already made a Pinterest board, so take advantage!


I've created a little something you can print for your grad party welcome table.


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I recommend sending out your grad card announcements/invitations early enough that they will be received in the mail about 2-3 weeks prior to graduation. 

Therefore, sending graduation invites out 4-5 weeks prior to graduation or your graduation party, should be perfect. 


cameron m grad card.jpg

When to

To meet this deadline your grad cards should be sent to the lab for production at least 6-7 weeks prior to when you plan to send them out.  So if graduation is May 31st, your grad cards need to be sent to the lab around April 12th or April 19th at the latest.



I know life is getting even crazier now as you navigate all that seems to be piling on as senior year wraps up.  Grad card ordering can quickly become a daunting task with way too many options and then options within option.  When you're already swamped, the last thing you need hours wasted in front of a computer screen because you're just sitting down to do them and you needed them like...YESTERDAY!

So let me take that burden off you! I can choose a design that no one else will have, personalize it to your senior's taste with all your info, and I'll even put your return address on all your envelopes. All you need you to do is fill out the survey/questionnaire form that helps us better understand your style. When it's done, just approve the final design.  Easy breezy.

Grad card mockup 1.jpg


Grad cards come in sets of 25.

All grad cards allow for the following at no additional charge. 

  • Optional addition of semi gloss for the front of your cards

  • Special card cuts for those who prefer something a bit more on the fancy side.

  • White, Gray, or Kraft envelopes with printed return address.

  • Addition of foil can b added at no additional cost.

  • We do not charge for multiple images.  NOTE: Please let us know in the grad form if you'd like more than 3 images used as some designs do limit images.

PACKAGE COST : $175 per set


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How to order
penny claire

Working from Home

Step 1

Contact us at us know you need an Order Form and a Grad Card Questionnaire.

Working on Laptop

Step 2

Check your email. We typically respond within 24 hours Monday through Thurs. 


Step 3

With completion of the Order form and questionnaire, we will design a beautiful grad card for you!  A proof of your grad card will be emailed to you within 48 weekday hours



Don't forget this NEW grad essential

Make senior year extra memorable my new signing board!

Display your board at graduation for your guests to sign and then hang it up after the party!  Imagine a beautiful custom wall art that makes you smile and fills you with the warm memories of your special celebration day very time you look at it.


Signing boards are a framed 16x16 canvas print with your choice of a thin black or gold colored metal frame.  Our frames are ready to hang on the wall right after graduation! 

COST: $450.  This product is currently 20% off!

To order, just email me at and request an order form!  We've got the design aspects totally covered and we are more than happy to make images selections too!  It's important to us that you LOVE your custom products so proofs are always send to clients BEFORE products are send to the lab for production.  

Signing board shiann.jpg
Gold Framed signing boards.jpg
boy bedroom signing boad mockup.jpg
Framed signing boards.jpg

Don't forget to hang your signed wall art after the party!

Signing boards come with a while back for easy hanging.

Sorry, signatures not included.  

Hang it!

grad party pins phone web size.jpg

it's party time!

I'm soo sorry I cannot plan a grad party for you, and frankly, I have no experience in this area.

I still want to help in some way, so I've spent some time in Pinterest adding ideas to my board. The intention is to provide you with a great place to start when searching for grad party inspiration!

Party Time

3 things you might need:

Those awesome balloon garlands and amazing decorations are easier to create than you think.

But to save you from the hours of research it took me to find these hacks, I'm putting them here.

Balloon Decorating Strips.  They don't look like much when you fill it with balloons....WOW!  And it's EASY! Just push the balloon knots into the holes and watch it grow into something magnificent.  Cation, I had a bad experience with amazon balloons being too thin and popping.  I recommend Hoppy Lobby balloons as they are made thicker and worked much better for me.


Oriental Trading.  If you've never checked this site out, give it a look.  You'll be surprised how many amazing themed (including rose gold theme) decorations they have right now!  Anytime I'm in need of a party decoration, I can count on it being here.


Cutting board This is if you're planning to take advantage of printable labels from Etsy for food or anything else that you'll print yourself and likely need to cut.  This board is a HUGE time saver and not too badly priced at all.  PS I have this as well in the brand I've linked and it comes in handy WAY more often than I even expected!  My husband thinks its a toy.




Have your guests use your custom hashtag with photos they post from your party!  This way, you and your guests can easily find all pictures from the party all in one place.

I've made these free printables just for you! Pick your favorite 8x10 print out and download.  I recommend printing on white card stock for best results, or send to a printer. Then find a super cute 8x10 frame from Hobby Lobby and stick it in. Don't forget to write your made up hashtag in the box before framing.


Instagram sign pretty.jpg
Grey framed instagram printable.jpg
Instasign black framed.jpg
Frames insta printable.jpg

One more thing...


If you opted out of ordering an album, it's not too late to purchase one before the big day.  I've had parents tell me that they still look at their albums and others who have said that they wish they would have gotten this albums for sibling!


I'll include all your photos or just your favorites and all you need to do is approve the design and cover photo via email. That's it!


SPECS:  11x14, 10 spreads/20 pages.  Album spreads are printed on photo paper, luster coated, and mounted onto mount board.  The album spine and back side are covered in a black silk material.  Please let me know if you're interested in other available materials and colors. 

Regular price : $900

Take 30% off and pay only $630 +tax.

Email me at to order an album.

I'll send you an invoice and start on your design as soon as you've paid in full.


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