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Welcome to the Junior Influencer Application HUB!

We've been waiting for you!

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Parent approval is a MUST!

Why you want in...

  • Make new friends!

  • More images to keep your profiles and social media feeds up to date with lots of variety!

  • Gain more confidence with every fun sessions.

Opportunity to get comfortable in front of the camera Junior year.

  • Start building referrals now (though not required) so that you get bigger discounts

  • Automatic acceptance into any Influencer program offered the following year.

  • ***Lock in current session pricing for yourself so that when session prices increase next year, you still get to book your senior session using our current listing.***

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What's Included

  • 25% off product purchases

  • Downloadable photo galleries

  • Invitation to participate in 2 themed sessions (possibly more as ideas arise).

  • Mini session to introduce in March. 

  • Lock current session pricing so that you don't pay more than this year's seniors! Download our current senior info guide HERE.

  • 8x10 gift for friends who book and $40 print creds for each friend who uses your code! (YES the creds transfer into senior year!)

  • Super early access to our Senior Session Prep HUB (this is where we keep all our best prep tips and resources!)

  • *NEW* Invite a friend to participate in themed group sessions with you! 

The Photoshoots

Halfsie session.jpg
4th of july.jpg
Winter roadtip.jpg

Important Session dates:

Retainer for Halfie session due February 28th ($250)

Jr. Mini Shoot - March 12th

Halfsie session (Remaining $250 due) - Your choice! Dates listed in the Booking HUB.

4th of July Shoot - June 15th (BACKUP June 20th)

Winter Road Trip (sorry, not a real trip, just a theme) - November 19th (BACKUP November 26th)


We are looking for 1-2 Juniors who:

  • *Must book at least our Halfsie session ($500) for a date of your choice that falls within 2022 and put down a 50% deposit for your session by the deadline. (Halfsie sessions are not offered in October).

  • Gets along with and are excited to work with peers.

  • Connect with and love the Penny Claire brand!

  • Are excited about booking with Penny Claire Photography senior year.

  • Active on social media (including Instagram).

  • Comfortable with video being taken during sessions for marketing.


  • Purchase 50% deposit for at least a Halfsie session by February 28th. (see Q&A)

  • Junior Influencers will know whether they are being invited into the influencer team within 1 week of being interviewed.

Halfsie Session

Halfsie sessions are our smallest of 3 session options and a popular choice for Juniors who are just getting started.  All sessions are all inclusive in that they allow for download of all finished imaged with a full print release.

Halfsie sessions allow for 2 outfits and a couple locations for scenery variety.  A Halfsie session will typically produce about 20-25 final different images.

Our Halfsie session is also our most budget friendly session.  Just pay $250 to book by February 28th and $250 the day of the session.  

If interested in other sessions we offer, download the info guide HERE.


Q.) Are your senior Influencer's required to book a session with Penny Claire Photography?

A.) Yes. Junior Influencers can only be officially accepted into the program once booking a at least a Halfsie session (you are welcome to book one of the others but this is not required. All sessions require a %50 deposit.  

Learn more about our sessions at the Booking HUB.

Q.) What is my schedule doesn't allow me to participate in one of the themed group photoshoots?

A.) No problem! You are not obligated to participate in every photoshoot offered. Just make the ones that interest you that you are available for. But do keep in mind that each photoshoot is a blast and we'd love to have you there to participate!

Q.) Is there an interview? 

A.) Yes, but not necessarily a formal one. I just want to talk to you and your parent personally to ensure everyone is on board and our personalities are a great fit!  We can chat on the phone or Zoom meet.

Q.) Do I pay extra for the additional photoshoots included?

A.) Nope! All you have to do is book your full session!  The deadline to have your session booked with photo session contract and 50% deposit is February 28th.  Book your session at the Booking HUB.

Q.) Are some sessions for seniors only?

A.) Nope! Though you are only required to book a Halfsie session for $500 (1/2 is due to join the program), you are always welcome to book one of the others!  We have an inquiry guide you may download with all our senior session details to look at in the Booking HUB.

Q.) Are makeup appointments included?

A.) No. We work with local salons and independent artists, each with their own rates for services.  A few of our favorites are Brenwood Hair and Nail Salon, Betty Jane Makeup, and Alyssa Mauk Foster.  

Q.) Can I download all my images?  Print? Post?

A.) YES!  I will load your images into a gallery you can download from!  Tag pennyclaire.seniors on Instagram, Penny Claire Photography on Facebook, or just give me a shout out on other platforms.

Q.) Do you offer referral discounts or a discounts off the senior session?

A.) Your friends get a free 8x10 when they book using your referral code and you get $40 credit towards printed products for each booking referral you bring should you decide to use it!

Q.) Does it matter that I won't be attended my home school (i.e. attending college classes or a Vocational school program).

A.) Nope! I'd love to have you! 

Q.) When will I know if I'm being invited into the Influencer team?

A.) If you have an interview, you will be notified via email letting you know if we have chosen to invite you into the influencer team. You should know about 1 week after having an interview.

Q.) How long do I have to book my photoshoot and make the first payment for my session if accepted?

A.) February 28th by 11:59pm

Q.) How can I book my session?

A.) Visit the Booking HUB and complete all three steps! 

Q.) When is the 1st influencer session? 

A.) March 12th will be the mini session. This is a solo session to officially introduce you! This was originally a studio session, but we recently lost our studio to a tragic fire. Therefore, a location for the Jr. Mini Session will be decided at a later date.  You will know at least 1 week prior  where the Jr Session will take place.

Ready?  Apply Below

The following application may have questions that seem more senior session related. I still recommend filling them out the best you can as this can, especially if you plan to continue with us into senior year! (We hope you do!!!)

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