A personal subject-ANXIETY

Updated: May 3


I know this isn't photography related, but for whatever reason I feel compelled to talk on it a bit. I've struggled with my anxiety for as long as I can remember and it definitely gets very intense at times, especially as a teen and as a young adult. Sharing my breakthroughs and coping skills, however, might help several people (or 1 person which is still worth it) so here we go!


Before I go on, I just want to address that these are my personal techniques and they do not always replace my need to talk to someone whether it be a friend or professional. Today I am just talking about what helps me from day to day with my general anxiety. I am the furthest thing from a medical professional. Today my intention is ONLY to share my personal process and how it helps me cope and improve my quality of life right now in hopes that it may help others as well. In other words, this is how I keep my general anxiety in check. And I should mention, it takes constant practice!


So anxiety sucks. Let’s complain about them for a minute then move on to how I choose to deal.

Anxiety feels so limiting. It's like a voice in my head that says, “ I know I can’t do that. That’s not safe. That person is mad at me. I'm a fake. I'm going to let everyone down. I'm gonna mess up. I was weird the other day? I may have just said 10,000 offensive things to that person. I'm not {fill in all your favorite adjectives here} enough.

I could go on forever. These thoughts suck! Literally! They SUCK my energy! And they are lies!!! Big fat lies! Every. Single. One. You are exactly as you are meant to be.

The thing is, anxiety has good intentions. It is a warning to your brain that you should be cautious. The problem is that for some of us, our anxiety is too high strung and pushing the emergency button for every little thing!


This past couple years, I've just gotten sick of the struggle and started getting real clear on how I want to face my anxiety head on. Today, I'll share my steps with you starting with Gratitude.


STEP 1: GRATITUDE. Something I’ve been working on is saying thank you. Gratitude is a positive and I strongly believe that I can beat most negative mindsets with positive mind shifts. So my first step is to thank my anxiety.

“Thank you, body and mind, for trying to protect me. You are a true friend for looking out for my well being. “


STEP 2: I ADDRESS THE FEAR. This is where I like to address out loud exactly what is causing the anxiety. I think hearing myself helps A LOT but sometimes I write it out and that still helps.

What has happened, what is coming up, what you just learned, what’s due, what’s failing, who’s mad at you, who's talking about you, who’s breaking up, whatever! Say out loud or write out what it is and allow yourself a minute to process.