Emily Rittenour C/O 2023 INFLUENCER

Meet Emily Rittenour from Tri-Valley High School. Working with Emily is a dream! She is so easy going and cute and just fell into the most fun poses. It was a dream session and we only had 20 minutes together!!!! I can't wait for the fun sessions we have to come together, but for now, it's time to show Emily off!

Keep scrolling to learn more about Emily and check out her super cute photos from this day!

When asked, Emily said she would describe herself as very out-going and optimistic. Some of Emily's hobbies include running and doing puzzles.

Emily's Extracurriculars: Emily is a multi-sport athlete. When asked, Emily mentioned that she plays soccer, runs track, and is a member of student council. She is also a camp councilor over the summer!

We asked Emily what she most looks forward to for her senior year and she shared that she is excited about her sporting events and seeing her overall progression.

When asked why Emily decided to book Penny Claire Photography she said, "I have heard many good things and feel that she would provide me with the best experience and give me tips to get the perfect photos."

Thanks Emily! That means a lot!!