Free family photo as a thank you for current and previous senior clients!

Updated: Feb 28

Okay Mom’s, this is especially for you! When’s the last time you had family pictures taken? Was it when your kiddos were babes by chance? Don’t feel bad. The older my kiddos get, the busier life seems to get and the more difficult it seems to imagine getting together for a family photo. But it’s on our minds, right? We know time is slipping away, our kids are growing up, and we keep putting off that one family photo for the wall.

So after years of requests, this year I’m FINALLY doing it! I’m making it easier to get that family picture done. July 1st, 2022, current and previous senior session client families of mine can come have a family photo taken for absolutely free! Just show up ready and I’ll arrange you, take a beautiful photo, and send it your way when I’m all done cleaning it up.

**Notice I've included current senior families, so if you are planning to book with Penny Claire, you can claim a spot as long as you book a session prior to booking claiming your spot!

I’ve even decided to offer 20% off my favorite 16x24 and larger framed and canvas wall art so that you can display your family on the wall ( because what's the point if not to proudly display!!)

The details:

WHO: Previous and current clients who have booked senior photos in the past or have booked a session for this year.

LOCATION: This session will take place in one of my favorite spots at Dillon Dam. That’s right, field pictures! Many of my clients have been here before, but I’ll give directions via email to those who book.

WHEN: Friday, July 1st, 2022.

I have 10 spots available listed below:

  • 6:30pm -Palmer

  • 6:40pm - Wollard

  • 6:50pm - A. Wolfard

  • 7:00pm-Fisher

  • 7:10pm

  • 7:20pm

  • 7:30pm

  • 7:40pm

  • 7:50pm

  • 8:00pm


If you plan to have your free family photo taken, contact me directly at and let me know which spot you’ll be reserving, or ask for me to assign you a time.