I hated my senior pictures!!

Total transparency: I HATED my senior pics experience and that’s why I created the Penny Claire client experience that we have today. When I was a senior in high school, I had my senior pictures done by a budget friendly photography studio my mother found for me. I woke up the morning of my session and did my own makeup and hair while a nervous wreck the entire time, showed up at my time slot with wind blown and now very flat hair, was ushered through basic set up after basic set up, and then sent home. The worst part was that I had a huge zit I told the photographer about and he LEFT IT THERE!!! And that was it. There was no going back and talking with him and getting it fixed. I wasn't special. I was just another senior and package to sell.

If looking at them objectively, I didn't really look bad in my pictures, but my senior pics were boring with the same old props and gimmicks every other photography studio used. My posing was even boring and basic. Not one part of my personality even showed through. What I thought would be a special part of my senior year wasn’t special at all. I even cried when I got my pictures because they didn't FEEL like me. And there were certainly no digital copies so I was stuck with prints I didn't like.

Now days its a big deal to post images on Instagram or other social media, but when I was a senior we still handed out wallets and it had a similar feeling. It was exciting to hand them out to friends and let them pick their favorite to keep. But for me, I felt so badly about mine that I skipped this part that I had been looking forward to.

Since choosing senior photography as my focus I decided that I don't want my seniors to feel weird when they see their photos and I don't want them to be left to figure out how to go about the process on their own because its a big deal and it can be a little much all on your own!

Taking senior photos isn't just a job for me. When seniors I photograph see their images, it is my hope that they see themselves in photos as they see themselves on their best days. I pay attention to posing and whether it looks stiff or natural. I pay attention to facial expression. I take us outside and seek out the locations that best go with your preferences and your wardrobe. I even send soooo much prep information to help ensure my seniors and parents feel as prepared as possible going in. Am I perfect? Absolutely not. I'm human. But I understand how important the senior photoshoot is as an overall experience and how it can build you up or do the opposite. I aim to build my seniors up.

So that’s why I created the Penny Claire senior experience that focuses on getting to know my seniors and helping their personalities shine through.

If YOU are looking for an incredible experience that will be such a special part of your senior year, we are ready to book your session today! We have a spot or 2 left in June, openings in July, and have started booking August as well. In fact, my entire senior schedule for the year is available to choose from now! When you're ready, get in touch so I can send you the link!

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