Influencer Search for Juniors and College students!

So here's the deal. I love high school senior A LOT! But its often a one time gig and selfishly, I wish it could continue.

After some thought I realized that I'm being completely silly! Who says it has to start or begin Senior year?

For so many people, there are two major photoshoots in life, senior pictures and wedding day. Then what? No more? All done?

Well I disagree.

Starting with Junior year. I think having photos junior year is a great opportunity to not only capture the you before senior year, but it also gives you the unique opportunity to get really comfortable with your photographer and being in front of the camera before senior year when it REALLY counts. Not to mention ALL THAT VARIETY! So many pictures. So much to look back on.

After high school, many of us enter into another HUGE milestone. College. Trade school. It's officially time to start making very real steps towards your future as an official adult. Should that not be documented! Is that graduation year not JUST as, if not MORE important???

So I'm ready to expand. I've been working at getting better to act on ideas that inspire me, and this year, I suddenly feel inspired to add soon to be Juniors and College students to my Influencer program!

Now before you say, "I'm too busy for that." Hear me out. My program only requires that you book a session (that can book for anytime this year including summer) and have some studio photos taken with me March 12th. The rest is optional, but super fun. One themed session is even during the summer. Some perks are the same across all ages, but I have made adjustments so that they better suit the category you it into.

Soooooo are you interested? If so, YAY!! Click on the link that applies to you below and learn more!

>>>Influencer Search for upcoming JUNIORS LINK.<<<

>>>Influencer Search for upcoming current COLLEGE STUDENTS LINK<<<<

Applicants should be age 23 or younger.