Kaelynn Robinson C/O 2023 INFLUENCER

Updated: 4 days ago

Meet Kaelynn from Ridgewood High School. Kaelynn's session felt like hanging out and joking with a friend. We laughed a lot and took some super cute photos! I have officially declared Kaelynn my new Barbie ( in case you missed my post on Instagram where I mentioned my obsession with Barbie growing up, I absolutely LOVE Barbie). My impression of Kaelynn is that she is very sweet.

Keep scrolling to learn more about Kaelynn and check out her super cute photos from this day!

When asked, Kaelynn said she'd describe herself as an extrovert who is very outgoing, thoughtful, and caring. She also shared with us that considers herself to be an adventurous person who loves meeting new people and learning new things.

Kaelynn would like people to know that she loves spending time with her grandpa Charlie and that they are the best of friends. She also loves animals and warm weather!

Some of Kaelynn's hobbies include playing sports, reading poetry, journaling, and painting. She also enjoys true crime movies and shows and doing things with friends.

Kaelynn's Extracurriculars: Kaelynn plays volleyball and runs track at Ridgewood HS. She is also apart of the Ridgewood HS Teen Institute Club. Outside of school Kaelynn plays volleyball at Kids America Sports in Coshocton.

We asked Kaelynn what she most looks forward to for her senior year and she shared that she is excited about finishing up this chapter of her life on a positive note with great memories and experiences. "The world has so much to offer and I’m excited for my future." says Kaelynn.