Meet Falon Wolfard- C/O 2023 Penny Claire Influencer

We are so excited to have Falon here at Penny Claire and thought today it would be fun to share a bit about who she is!

DID YOU KNOW???? Falon has never participated in a full photoshoot before beyond the typical school/sport picture days! As an influencer, Falon was invited to participate in this little warmup mini photoshoot so that she will feel even more comfortable when its time for her full blown Senior photoshoot. I'd say, she doesn't have anything to worry about because she rocked this one in just the short time we spent together this day. I'm so grateful to have Falon on my team!!!

ABOUT FALON: Falon is very outgoing, sporty, and loves making new friends! She also enjoys the outdoors and spending time with family. This girl has been playing softball since she was 5 YEARS OLD! She not only plays for her home school Tri-Valley, but she also takes her sport on the road for travel softball.

WHY PENNY CLAIRE?? Falon says she booked with Penny Claire because she loves the that the photos that are taking in many different locations and that PCP clients always look for happy and confident in their photos.

Do you agree with Falon?

Shout out to Falon for choosing Penny Claire Photography! We are so happy to have you here!

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