Our client's biggest makeup concern debunked.

FAQ: “How much control do I have over the makeup and hair styling for my senior session?

ANSWER: You have ALL the control! If you want to go full glam, you can! Want something more natural? You got it!

This is YOUR senior experience and we want this process to be 100% unique to you! We actually have a full board of makeup inspiration for you to pin and save from that you can show your likes to your stylist to communicate exactly what you want.

Our goal is to simply ensure your makeup helps polish you up for your pictures, not to change you or turn you into something you're not!

Your facial features are exclusively yours and your makeup should showcase what makes you YOU. My promise to you is that you will have full creative control over your end result because Penny Claire only work with salons and makeup artists we trust who listen and care about what their clients want.

Check out some of different makeup looks come of our clients have opted for before, ranging from very natural to more glam.

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