Senior Pictures in DECEMBER!!! -Meet Ava Bice from Tri-Valley.

Updated: Mar 22

Sometimes things comes up or are in the way of getting in for those summer and fall photoshoots as planned. Ava did not let that stop her from a beautiful photoshoot that included several gorgeous outdoor sceneries! But first we started in the the studio where it was admittedly a tad warmer.

Ava is already a full time college student at OUZ and plans to move on to Ohio State to pursue a career in nursing. Ava also often volunteers through National Honor Society!


  • Reads Romance

  • Loves Science

  • Loves to travel and hopes to become a traveling nurse!

When asked in our Senior Survey, Ava said she booked with Penny Claire because "her (Penny Claire) photos on Instagram are to die for."

Ava also said, "Individuals who get there senior portraits done by Penny always look so genuine & never in an awkward way. "