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Welcome to the team!

Class of 2023.
We have all the important info here!

So glad you are here!

We have fun things planned and I can't wait to get started!   This HUB will be your reference place for all things Senior Influencer related!  Please school down for important dates, and theme session wardrobe details.  Specific session time and location will be emailed to you directly.

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Here's what's yours!

  • 25% off product purchases

  • Downloadable photo galleries from each session.

  • Invitation to participate in the 2 themed sessions (possibly more as ideas arise). Dates listed in the section below.

  • Mini junior year studio session (Final round to be announced for a date after Easter).

  • Your own promo code to give out to friends for a free 8x10 when they book with Penny Claire.

  • $40 earned print credit for any friend who lists your name as the person who referred them when booking their senior session.

  • *NEW* Invite a friend to participate in themed group sessions with you! 

The Photoshoots

jr mini.jpg

Scheduled for :

Final round: April 23rd.

senior photoshoot.jpg

Scheduled for :

This is your special day that you don't have to share! You choose your date for your own Session at the

Booking HUB.

4th of july.jpg

Scheduled for :

June 15th

(Rainy DAY BACKUP DATE- June 20th)

Winter roadtip.jpg

Scheduled for :

November 19th

(RAINY DAY BACKUP DATE - November 26th)

Things to know

  • Influencers are invited to participate in any group photoshoot listed above or listed in addition in the future.  No one is ever obligated to participate in a group session that does not interest them or conflicts too terribly with their schedule. Just let us know what sessions you plan to participate in so we can plan!

  • During group shoots you choose to participate in, we will still take some time to getting a few individual shots of just you!

  • For planning purposes, expect to be asked for photos of outfits you plan to wear to group photoshoots so that we have time to make any adjustments necessary before the session.

  • It's IMPOSSIBLE to bother me so contact me ANYTIME you need to!  Spam me with your ideas, questions, pictures from the internet of clothes you may buy for group or individual sessions!

  • Have prop ideas for a session? Bring them! When it comes to the themed sessions, the more the better!

  • NEW BRING A FRIEND PERK! Want to bring a friend to participate in a themed photoshoot with you and the group (4th July or Winter Road trip)?  Bring them! They will not receive individual photos of themselves, but they can be in photos with you and can be in group photos. Friends who participate will need to dress in accordance with the theme to participate. Please let me know at least the week of if you think you may be bringing a friend.

4th of july.jpg

4th July wardrobe

  • Wear reds, whites, royal blues.  Golds and silvers are also great colors to work into your wardrobe. 

  • Stars and stripe patterns work here.  Plain tops and pants are also great.

  • Accessories ideas: hats, bandanas in any of the listed theme colors above, fringe earrings, hoop earrings, fun 4th July themed earrings, sunglasses.

  • Makeup ideas: red lips are always a fun idea. If going more natural, please opt for a color a shade or two darker than your natural color.  Fair toned lipsticks tend to looked washed out on camera.

  • Fabrics you can look for: cottons, leathers, canvas, or jean 

Have an idea for a prop or find something I haven't listed? Please share!  I love ideas and I'm a firm believer that a collaboration of ideas can make for a better overall result.

Winter roadtip.jpg

winter road trip wardrobe

  • Wear reds, whites, emerald greens, black, camel, taupe .  

  • Plaids, knits and crotchets, and patterns typically found on sweaters work great!

  • Accessories ideas: knitted beanies or other fun winter hats. Boots. winter scarves. Gloves. Up to you! 

  • Makeup for the girls ideas: red, mauve, or berry toned lipsticks work well here. If going more natural, please opt for a color a shade or two darker than your natural color.  Fair toned lipsticks tend to looked washed out on camera.

  • Best fabrics: cottons, faux furs, knitted, fleece, suede, wool blends. 

  • Props you can bring: Coffee cups, mugs, yetis, boxes wrapped as gifts (this is a fun time to be creative and show off some cute TikTok inspired wrapping), Fleece or knitted blankets you love. Bringing props is optional but can be very fun and help develop the overall look. 

I'm always open to incorporating any fun things you think to include or bring for either the group or just the photos that feature you alone.



Q.) Do I pay extra for the additional photoshoots included?

A.) Nope! All you have to do  is book your senior photoshoot!

Q.) Are makeup appointments included?

A.) No. We work with local salons and independent artists, each with their on rates for services.  A few of our favorites are Brenwood Hair and Nail Salon, Betty Jane Makeup, and Alyssa Mauk Foster. Should you like us to book an appointment for any of your sessions I am happy to do so for you if I know I advance. 

Q.) Who will do my makeup for my mini and themed sessions?

A.) You can do your own makeup or hire a makeup artist outside of PCP if you wish to have makeup done for our smaller sessions.

Q.) Can I download all my images?

A.) YES!  I will load your images into a gallery you can download from!  Tag pennyclaire.seniors on Instagram, Penny Claire Photography on Facebook, or just give me a shout out on other platforms.

Q.) Do I receive referral discounts or a discounts off the senior session?

A.) Your friends get a free 8x10 when they book using your referral code and you get $40 credit towards printed products for each booking referral you bring should you decide to use it!

Q.) Will you send me reminders when I have upcoming events/photoshoots?

A.) Absolutely!  I highly recommend putting each of the listed dates in your calendar but I will also be sure to send reminders via email.


Q.) Is it true that your sessions include all the edited images that I can print and share anytime I want?

A.) ABSOLUTELY! I consider my seniors shoots to be all inclusive, meaning the price you pay covers my service and the final images to use as you'd like! 

Q.) What if I want to buy prints, albums, etc?

A.) I offer that too! After your senior photoshoot is complete and loaded to an online gallery, I'll hook it up to my online shop where you can order whatever I offer.  If online ordering isn't your thing, contact me directly when you're ready and we can put together an order for whatever you want together. 

Q.) Do you require an in person sales meeting after photoshoots? 

A.) Nope. I know you're busy so the last thing I want to do is add to your stress level by forcing an in person sales meeting where you must pick images and product on the spot that you're not even sure you need yet. My photoshoot packages ALL include a print release so you can print what you need on your own or check out what I offer when I open up your gallery! 

Q.) What types of products do you offer?

A.) I've narrowed down my offering to only the most popular products to cut down on overwhelm. I offer 11x14 Lux albums, prints on mount board for added durability and quality, canvas wraps, framed wall art, and framed storyboards. 


Q.) How do I become an influencer?

A. ) 2 things: 1. I'll need for you to fill out my Influencer form. 2. You'll need to book your senior session. You can do that at the Booking HUB!   

Both tasks must be complete no later than March 21st to participate as an influencer.




Here's how to get in! Complete the following steps no later than March 21st  to get in in time for our first photoshoot. I'll need to know you plan to sign up as soon as possible so that I can get you the details for our next and final round of the Mini influencer photoshoots will take take place April 23rd.  Location to be decided as we are hoping to be into a new studio space by this time!  Very exciting!!

STEP 1: Fill out the form. You can do that HERE!  This step does require a strong internet connection.

STEP 2: Book your senior session! You can gather all the session information you need and book all at the Booking HUB!  (May take a few seconds to load.  Check your loading bar after clicking.)

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