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I get it! The big senior photoshoot is so exciting...until its time to add it to your already swamped schedule. 

Between vacations, sports, and college visits, when does one even find time to plan their own senior photoshoot.

That's where I come in. With Penny Claire, I do a lot of the tough stuff for you!  I can book your styling appointment, I'll send you all the prep info you'll need, and I'll even meet with you for a fashion party where we discuss wardrobe selection, possible add-ons, and even discuss sceneries ideas!  You are not alone in the process! 

The Client Process


Book your session using our Booking HUB and we'll send you to our Prep HUB where you'll find all your prep guides, style survey, and check lists.


If you're interested, we'll schedule you for a private virtual fashion party where we can discuss your wardrobe, ideas, and anything else you need help with leading up to your session. We'll ask you at booking which available date works best for your fashion meet with us.


Before your session you'll know where and when we are meeting/starting our session. Upon arrival to our mutually agreed upon location we will proceed to the exact spot we will begin.  We know you're a bit nervous so we will ease in and start slow as you get comfortable in front of the camera. 


You can expect to receive your fully retouched gallery with a full print release within approximately 15 business days (Monday-Thursday) via an online downloadable gallery. A usb will also be mailed out to you to keep as a backup copy of your photo gallery. 

Interested in prints, wall art, or albums from us?  We have products you'll love and can easily be ordered via online order form whenever you're ready!


Memorable  day

This isn't just a photoshoot, this is a fun day out!  We joke, we laugh, we act silly , and we happen to get some amazing photos out of it!


Natural posing

Let's be real, not every poses will feel totally natural. We make tweaks for the camera and sometimes I ask you to do things that feel a little silly. The Penny Claire difference, however, is that the result will look as though it was. 

Clean edits

If you prefer well lit, bright, clean photos, you are in he right place.  Trends that look super cute right now, might not make since when the fad changes. Penny Claire edits always are always popular and eye catching, so you never have to worry about them going out of style.


All inclusive

When I started my business in 2015, photographers like me were encouraged to use the following business model: 

Charge a small session fee, charge big on a limiting package, and make it difficult for clients to order digital copies that would allow some freedom. Not to mention, this model typically requires an additional appointment just to see the images.  WHO HAS TIME FOR THAT!!!

I tried this model for years and I've decided its no longer for me. I want you to have freedom to do what you need to do with the images you paid me to create for you. Simple as that.  And if you decide you'd like to order something I offer, I've gotcha but you're never required to.   

Penny Claire's business model: 2 equal payments that include session prep, the photoshoot, and your fully retouched gallery with print release!

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Her personality, along with her artistic vision, helped me exude the best possible version of myself in my pictures and I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work with her."

LAUREN, C/O 2019


What do you plan to do with your photos?  It would be a shame if they only ever lived in your phone.  Check out our popular photo products! We offer prints that won't warp over time, wall art that arrives hang up ready, and an album that's to die for!  We've even added some grad party products you'll love!


Just feeling us out? I totally get it! While you're still gathering information, let's see if we can't answer some of your questions now before reaching out.



Is makeup required?


No. But it is highly recommended and here's why. 

Whether applied to look very natural or or more bold, makeup is key to providing even coverage while bringing definition back to areas of the face that tend to wash out more in photography.


I'll set you up with a Pinterest board with a wide range of makeup styles I've saves so that you can save what you like and show to your stylist on session day.


Getting Started


Fill out the inquiry form and I'll send you to the Booking HUB to get started.

Booking HUB

Read the booking hub description and then scroll down to download the inquiry guide. There are 2 to choose from, one for the boys and one for the girls.

Complete booking process

Once you've thoroughly reviewed the info guide, return to the Booking HUB to complete steps 2 (selecting your session date) and step 3 (contract and first payment).



Think you're ready?  Let's talk about what investment looks like at Penny Claire. We offer 3 all inclusive session choices. Each sessions requires a 50% of the session package cost with signed contract as a retainer, and the remaining 50% due at or before the session.

For a full detailed description of session packages and their cost, please send us an email so that we can send you to the Booking HUB to download the Senior Info Guide Magazine.


HAIR & MAKEUP | $60 - $100


Each package includes product discounts. 

Hair & Makeup always paid directly to the stylist/salon.