Start your Pinterest board for scenery inspiration.

If you are like most, you may not know how to answer when asked about your scenery preferences or maybe you only have one in mind. Maybe you're really not sure so you just plan to go with whatever your friends did or your photographer suggests.  But you can do better and here's how.  Create a Pinterest board and name it "SENIOR INSPIRATION".  Now search for photos. Start easy by typing in "senior photos".  Pin anything you love and only what you love!  Other searches you can try are:

  • downtown senior pics

  • nature senior pics

  • influencer pics

Once you've collected at least 20 different photos, you should notice some common themes. Maybe you'll notice several photos with fields, or streets, or flowers, or steps.  Also pay attention to what you don't see much of. This may tell you what types of scenery do not appeal as much to you.

When you work with Penny Claire Photography, you create the board, but I will use the board to help do the location planning for you, so that you can focus on the fun stuff.

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Schedule a makeup appointment. 

Pro makeup is NOT just for prom!  A professional makeup artist is skilled in creating makeup that looks more natural or glam that will absolutely ensure you look amazing on camera.  When else will you have a photo session like this all about you? Make it special!

Ok, I'll admit, I'm a glam girl who's all for the fashion. But whether you are a glam girl or prefer a more natural look, makeup by a professional artist is going to accentuate your natural features that would otherwise appear flattened on camera. Not only that, but quality makeup will even your complexion and hide unwanted blemishes.  Photoshop can do this too, but trust me, its NOT the same and its not as nice looking.  

Above all else, professional makeup is one less thing on your plate and you will feel so much confidence during your session knowing you look your best! Not to mention the reactions your photos will get from your friends who didn't think to have theirs done too.



Plan your wardrobe.

I get asked all the time what tips I have for planning the perfect wardrobe, so here they are.  Your goal is to ensure every part of your wardrobe is unlike another. So if you have one long dress, your don't need another one.  If one outfit has long jeans, no other outfit should have long jeans ( I make an exception for the boys, wear 2 jeans are okay but they should be completely different shades.)  Its easy to fall in love with a certain type of top, dress, etc, and then pick out several outfits with similar pieces but I urge you to try and keep no two items the same.  

If you feel stuck, go back to your Pinterest board for inspiration. Notice what is being worn in different sceneries.  Also check sites like for inspiration. 

When booking Penny Claire Photography I ask seniors to send pictures of their wardrobe a week or two before their session so that we can figure out where changes may need to be made to ensure your wardrobe has the mode variety.  I'll even send you a What to Wear guide!  


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